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RV Roof Maintenance – Keeping Your RV Roof Clean and Sealed

Cracks in the Caulking on the roof of your RV can mean big problems down the road. Some simple RV roof maintenance that involves a little cleaning and sealing is great prevention.

Not long ago I was on the roof of the motorhome, just checking things over. The caulking around the skylight over the shower was starting to crack, and although we have not experienced any leaks yet, I thought it was time to schedule some preventative maintenance in the near future. Continue reading

Keeping RV House Batteries Charged – What I didn’t know.

Having trouble keeping your RV house batteries charged?

Sometimes it’s the little things that catch us off guard and many of us end up learning things the hard way. If you’re RV house batteries aren’t maintaining a good charge during night use, your older batteries might be sucking the life out of your entire battery bank. Continue reading

Spring is coming!

The summer camping season is almost upon us. Time to remove the anit-freeze and sanitize your fresh water system. Don’t forget to replace your water filter cartridges.

Go Green! Solar Power for your RV

We’re allways looking for ways to save money and increase the convenience of RV’ing. To do both of those things and help the environment at the same time is a bonus. Solar electricity for RVs can go from a small portable trickle charger to a full blown rooftop multi-panel installation. Continue reading

Trust your Instincts

A tidbit of advice for the RVer. Trust your instincts.

Last year, we were returning home from the RV show in Quartzsite, AZ and while climbing through the Guadalupe Mtns in NM, I heard a small pop from the back of the motorhome and then saw a cloud of smoke/steam that proved to be our engine coolant blowing out of the ruptured radiator hose. Continue reading

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