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RV Project Contest

Show Us Your RV Project For A Chance To Win A SureLock Digital TV Signal Finder

Have You Heard About Our Customer RV Project Contest?

If you have an RV project, we want to hear about it.

As you may, or may not already know, we have recently introduced a monthly newsletter highlighting things we think our customers would be interested in such as; great RV product sales, brand new products and DIY video tutorials for RV part installation, maintenance and yes, even customer contests.

We appreciate our TVforMyRV customers and would like to not only get to know our customers better, we would like to reward our customers while building a fun and useful RV community. To that end, we would like to start featuring customer RV projects. Just send in your video or still pictures with a brief explanation of the RV project you’re working on and we’ll pick one lucky customer to receive a SureLock Digital TV Signal Finder, which is a product that takes the guesswork out of finding digital TV towers with its signal-indicating LEDs.

Customer projects can range from a small upgrade like installing a TV mount to large projects like re-upholstering your weary RV furniture. Winners will be announced in a subsequent newsletter, and we may choose to highlight your project inside the newsletter too!

If interested, please send a text document of your project’s explanation plus your images or video on a CD that has your name, phone number, and address written on it (Sharpie markers work great on CDs) to:

Customer Project Submissions

PO Box 184
Ickesburg, PA 17037

We’re looking forward to meeting our customers and learning more about our their unique RV project experiences.

Clean Dump Permanent Macerator System

The Clean Dump RV Macerator System

Let’s face it – as much as we love the RV lifestyle, there are still some crappy jobs. You know what I’m talking about – your septic system – more specifically, the process of dumping your holding tanks. While the traditional method of relying on gravity for dumping waste is simple and effective, it is definitely not hassle free. Connecting, disconnecting and storing the typical 3″ slinky hose is cumbersome and sometimes even messy (yuck!). If you’ve ever struggled with a gravity hose setup and are ready to make a change, I suggest installing a macerator system such as the Clean Dump Macerator System.

If you’ve never considered switching, here are some of the benefits and features:

Quick and Easy
Instead of relying on gravity and it’s limitations, a macerator system utilizes a grinder and a pump to break down sewage and discharge waste quickly – even uphill! The macerator system eliminates the need for hose ladders or hose ramps. You can also say goodbye to the bulky 3″ hose, as the macerator system uses a smaller hose that is much easier to handle and store. The system hooks up in seconds and empties tanks in minutes without hassle!

Clean and Sanitary
The Clean Dump Macerator System securely connects to most RV dump receptacles and the discharge hose features a shutoff valve, making disgusting and unsanitary leaks, drips, and spills a nightmare of the past. The sealed hose also prevents unwanted sewer odors from escaping. Due to patented pump technology, the system is self cleaning. By pressurizing the hose, it is able to be cleaned using discharged grey water. When you’re done emptying your tanks, simply close the valve at the discharge end and slide the hose and valve handle back into the storage compartment. It’s that easy.

No need to get down in the dumps with your current RV waste disposal system – install a macerator system like the Clean Dump and rid yourself of the hassle and mess. Made in the USA, the permanent system comes with the Flojet 18550 Macerator pump, 20 ft. discharge hose with drip proof valve, wiring kit, all adapters needed for hookup, dump valve fitting and all the necessary clamps. The hose is UV resistant and comes with a 3 year warranty.

If you would like to install the system yourself, watch the instructional video below as a helpful guide.

Popular Types of RV TV Mounts

In today’s media-centric society, hitting the open road no longer means leaving it all behind. The consumer electronics market has seen huge sales in tablet devices, smart phones, and HD TVs with no signs of slowing down. With media players, satellite, and wifi, travelers can stay connected to entertainment, news, and business from almost anywhere they travel. The latest and greatest RVs being sold on the market come standard with built-in flat screen TVs and media centers—but what if you don’t own the latest and greatest?

TVforMyRV has the TV mounts and mounting brackets you need in order to install computer monitors and TVs in your RV, whether you’re adding new ones or replacing old tube TVs. There are several types of mounts and brackets available as well, giving you flexibility in placement and functionality. Here’s a list of six common mount types and uses:

MorRyde TV1-002 Wall TV Mount1. Flat TV Wall Mounts

Flat TV wall mounts are very straight forward, making them an easy and inexpensive option for the do-it-yourselfer. They are perfect for mounting TVs flush to the wall in a fixed position.


Bello 7440 Tilt/Pan LCD TV Mount2. Tilt Mounts

The tilt mount is a more popular option than the flat TV mount because it allows the TV to be tilted up or down for a better viewing angle. With the ability to adjust tilt, TVs can be mounted higher than eye level, adding flexibility to TV placement.

MorRyde-TV40-0023. Cargo Slide-Out Mounts

If you’ve ever wanted to watch TV while sitting outside of your RV, the cargo slide-out mount is a great option. Install this heavy-duty mount in a basement cargo space for slide-out use of an LCD TV up to 40.” You’re sure to be the envy of the RV park.


MorRyde TV56-010 Under cabinet / Ceiling Swivel Mount4. Under-Cabinet TV Mounts

Ideal for smaller TV sizes, under-cabinet TV mounts are great for use in the kitchen or other spots with overhead storage cabinets. The most popular under cabinet mounts fold up neatly against the bottom of the cabinet when the TV is not in use and also tilt and swivel for flexible viewing.

MorRyde TV1-0065. Articulating Mounts

Articulating TV mounts are a popular mount style because of their range of motion. With side-to-side swivel capability, the articulating mount is ideal for spaces with more than one viewing spot. The mount also allows the TV to fit close (although not completely flush) against the wall when not in use or when tilting is not needed.

MorRyde-TV1-0036. Desk Mounts

This mount style is gaining popularity with RV owners who want to add computers to their travel accessories. They are compatible with TVs as well as computer displays and can be mounted to a desktop, countertop, or shelf.

With the use of TV mounts, you can mount your TVs or computer monitors almost anywhere and any way you want. Whether you want your TV to pull out, lift up, slide forward, tilt down, pan across, rotate, drop down, extend out, or swivel, TVforMyRV sells trusted RV TV mounts to make it happen.

RV Tire Pressure & Temp Monitoring Systems

Just as it is with cars, trucks and SUVs, proper tire pressure is also critical to RVs. Built-in tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) aren’t legally required for RVs, so buying a tire pressure monitoring system is a good idea.

Keeping your tires at optimal manufacturer specified inflation levels is important for many reasons. Under-inflated tires effect breaking distance, lateral stability, fuel efficiency, and tire tread. When a tire is severely under-inflated, rolling resistance generates heat buildup. The increased temperatures and road friction can cause the tire to disintegrate, or lead to a dangerous tire blowout.

HawksHead - Pressure Track HD4 Tire Pressure & Temp Monitoring SystemAs RV owners know, the open road has its hazards, but under-inflated tires shouldn’t be one of them. To avoid the hazards of under-inflated tires, purchase a tire pressure and temperature monitoring system.  We have several to choose from, including the HawksHead – Pressure Track HD4 Tire Pressure & Temp Monitoring System. This system is good for up to 22 wheels and features Eco-Sensors and user replaceable batteries.

Winegard Carryout GM-1518 | Why this Portable, Automatic Satellite Antenna is your Next Upgrade to Outdoor Fun

Winegard Carryout GM-1518 Definition:
The Carryout, model GM-1518, by Winegard is a portable satellite antenna that automatically, robotically finds the proper satellite for receiving your chosen TV programming. As compared to a stationary, mounted satellite antenna that cannot move with you on your next outdoor trip, and as compared to a manual satellite antenna where hunting and searching during setup is a time-wasting annoyance, the Winegard Carryout GM-1518 is portable and automatic. Because these qualities are so advantageous to outdoor fun, we thought we’d delve further into the pluses of this satellite antenna model for the sake of readers, TV watchers, and outdoors lovers alike.

Outdoor Applications for a Portable, Automatic Satellite Antenna:
So many applications for a portable, automatic satellite antenna come to mind that it begins to make me want to start packing my outdoor fun equipment. Taking this satellite antenna (along with your TV monitor and satellite receiver) to everything from camping to sporting events will make your outdoor experience more fun, more relaxing, and of course more entertaining. Imagine watching the game in a clearing in the late afternoon after hunting, or watching the game at your next tailgating party or boating trip. Watch TV while camping, when picnicking beside your RV, while barbequing outside, at sports events and tournaments, or as an evening leisure activity at the rest stop after a trucker’s long day.

What’s In the Antenna’s Box & What the Antenna’s Optional Accessories are:
Consumers always want to know: well what’s actually “in the box”? In this case, the Carryout GM-1518’s box comes with: 1 automatic, portable satellite antenna (housed in a dome); 1 easy-grip handle; 1 50-foot, 12V power cable; 1 50-foot coax cable, and your product’s documents such as the instruction manual. Optional accessories (those that you can buy and add on later if you’d like) include: the TR-1518 Carryout Tripod, the GM-3000 Carryout Ladder Mount, the GM-1200 Power Converter (cord), the RP-GM35 Black Dome, and the RP-GM99 Realtree® Camouflage Dome.

The Carryout GM-1518’s Features:
Beneficial attributes of Winegard’s Carryout GM-1518 include: its portability and low weight creating convenience; its auto-search-and-satellite-find feature creating convenience; and its compatibility with the major satellite companies DISH Network, DIRECTV, and Bell TV creating convenience. (Did we happen to say convenience yet?) It’s easy-to-install, easy-to-carry handle makes portability effortless; it has an eyelet available for a lock for added security outside; it supports two receivers (two “coax out” ports); and it’s designed, built, and hand-tested in the USA.

The Carryout GM-1518’s Specs:
Weighing only 11 and a half pounds, this easy-carry satellite antenna is just over a foot high at 15-1/2 inches, and has a diameter of 20” (therefore 20” is both its width and its depth). Basically, the barbeque will be way more of a difficulty to move around and set up than this satellite antenna is.

The Carryout GM-1518’s Many Advantages:
Advantages to the Carryout GM-1518 begin mainly with its portability and how it automatically searches for and finds the appropriate satellites for your TV programming. When it first comes on it moves around and finds the limits of its range of motion. Versus a manual satellite antenna where the setup person must keep moving around and re-testing for a satellite signal, the Carryout is fully automatic in that it will then move around underneath the dome (you’ll hear it ticking and moving) until it automatically locates the appropriate satellite its been programmed to search for. The carryout is factory preset for DIRECTV, but can easily be changed to DISH Network or Bell TV with the flip of a few switches inside the dome. Its transponder signal statistics show how it establishes a high-strength signal for best performance, plus it will automatically toggle between satellites in order to find your channel. As Winegard says, there’s “no pointing or aiming, no special remote control, no user search, and no looking up zip codes.” The fact that the Winegard Carryout GM-1518 is portable is of particular interest to RVers and campers. Portability gives TV watchers the option to move away from trees and other signal obstructions, which is especially handy if you’ve just pulled up to a camping space or site that would normally block a hard-mounted, stationary satellite’s signal. Temporary mounting of the Carryout GM-1518 is also possible with the TR-1518 Tripod or the GM-3000 Ladder Mount, which is specifically made to “semi-permanently” mount to RV ladders.

If you’re high-definition-TV ready with a corresponding HD monitor, HD receiver, and HD programming package, then the Carryout GM-1518 is HD-ready for you too (with the exception of DIRECTV programming, which unfortunately does not support High-Definition TV on any dome antennas). Please note that, just like any satellite antenna, you must also have a satellite receiver from your TV programming provider or elsewhere to plug the Carryout’s coax cable into. The Winegard Carryout GM-1518 is compatible with a host of popular receiver models, and has two “coax out” ports, meaning that it can support two receivers. Quite advantageous also is the fact that the Carryout GM-1518 allows viewers to watch two different programs on two different TVs at the same time.

Portable Satellite Programming:
Those that are familiar already with the programming of DISH Network, DIRECTV, and Bell TV will be glad to note that Winegard’s Carryout GM-1518 searches for, locates, and toggles between DISH’s satellite 110, 119, and 129; between DIRECTV’s 101 and 119; and between Bell TV’s 82 and 91 satellites.

Winegard Carryout GM-1518 Product Conclusion
Basically, if you don’t want to mess around anymore with a fixed satellite on your RV that oftentimes seems to end up in a bad spot, and if you want to get beyond the setup frustration of a manual satellite, the Winegard Carryout GM-1518 is a smart purchase for you. If getting outdoors, whether you’re at a camping or sporting event, usually involves bringing along the TV for entertaining the adults and the kids alike, then save time and hassle with the purchase of a Winegard Carryout GM-1518 automatic and portable satellite antenna.

Check out this illustrative Video: Tailgate Challenge – Winegard Carryout versus Manual Dish

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