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Choosing the Right Mounting Bracket for the TV in Your RV

What Mount Should You Choose in order to Mount a TV Flush to the wall in your RV or Motorhome?

There are a lot of different TVs and mounting brackets to choose from and with many 5 year and older rvs, updgrading to a more energy efficient flat screen tv this becomes a very common question. Here at TVforMyRV, we carry a wide selection of RV TV mounts and brackets pretty much all from MORryde and Bello, so let’s take a look at some of these solutions.

Here at TVforMyRV, we have two additional wall mounts from MORryde to help mount your tv as flush against the wall as possible.

MORryde TV1-001 Swivel wall mountThe MORryde TV1-001 is a very sturdy mount that provides some swivel function for your larger tvs, but does not include any tilt function. If you want to put the larger tv at 32″ or even larger tv flush against the wall or at least as close as you can get it and have it still be very secure the tv1-002 is the one you want to use for that situation.

The minimum distance between the wall to the back of the tv is about 1 1/4″  for the MORryrde tv1-002 fixed bracket.

The TV 1-001 has a distance of approximately 4 1/4″ from the wall. Both the TV1-001 and -002 use the same locking mechanism. There are two screws that go in from the outside at the bottom and when you remove those screws the bottom lifts out and the bottom lifts off leaving them wall portion attached to the wall and tv portion attached to the tv.

MORryde TV5-004 RV TV wall MountAnother type of bracket that’s common especially for smaller tvs is just a small tight to the wall fixed bracket that doesn’t really go anywhere. We have several choices for you to choose from, if you’re looking for something small and compact just to hold the tv in one spot, The MORryde TV 5-004 is perfect for that and the MORryde TV 5-004 is only 3/4″ thick from the wall to the back of your tv. It will allow up to a one hundred by one hundred millimeter tv,  typically up to 19″ or 22″ and it comes with two wall plates so that you can have it use the same bracket for the tv in two different locations.

Another model available from MORryde is the 5-002 and this also uses the same wedge mounting plate you can mount this a little higher on the wall and tilt the TV down a little bit for better viewing or even swivel the tv a little bit if it needs to be swiveled.  It comes with two mounting plates to use it in several locations. The MORryde 5-002 is approximately 2 3/4″ from the wall to the back of your TV.

Bello 742 Tilting TV wall mountAnother heavy-duty alternative is the Bello 7420, now this does not have any swivel function but it does have tilt function and is a very sturdy bracket once again with a removable slide plate. The Bello 7420 is gonna be approximately 2.5″ form the wall to the back of your TV.

Another benefit to the Bello 7420 is that it does come with the adapter wing plates to go up to a two hundred by two hundred millimeter mounting pattern which allows you to put up to typically a 32″ TV on this mount and still hold it securely to the wall and provide some tilt function.

We talked earlier about the Bello 7440 and 7465 using a common mounting plate; you need to be aware that the Bello 7420 mounting plate is NOT compatible with the other two Bello Mounts.

How to Install the Easy Reel for MORryde on Your Motorhome or RV

Hi Don Sweger from TV for my RV. In this video, I want to show you the Easy Reel from MORride and how to install it on your Motorhome or RV.

For those of us who have a 30 or 50 amp extension cords or a detachable power cord for your RV, there’s always a question about what do you do with that cord. Do you just wind it up and throw it on the floor in the basement?

That takes up a lot of space and then it quickly becomes inconvenient to get it back out when you need it.

Well, the Easy Real from MORride provides a safe, quick and convenient way to store that cord right in your motorhome or RV.

The way the easy real works, is you simply insert the head of your cable in between those spots and then wind it in.

We’re putting this into a front compartment on our motorhome. There are four installation screws that come with the easy real they are suited for installation into a wooden or plastic type of floor.

If you happen to be installing this into a compartment that’s lined in sheet  metal, you would want to choose other fasteners something like a self drilling or self tapping sheet metal screw. Put the head in there and simply crank it in.

The reason I kept this area open a little bit is to leave some space to put my air hose in there.

This way it keeps both of these items that we don’t use that often tucked away and still leaves the
rest to the compartment floor space for other things.

Get your MORryde Easy Reel online at

Best RV Parks When Traveling the West Coast

Top West Coast RV Parks

From the rocky shores of Pacific Northwest to the white sands and surf of SoCal, the West Coast truly is the ultimate RV vacation. The views are amazing, the weather is whatever you want it to be and the possible destinations are seemingly endless. Here are five places to stop along the way that will take you all the way down the coast and land you some fun in the sun when the journey’s done.

Alderwood RV resortAlderwood RV Resort – Spokane, Washington

This is one of the most consistently high-rated RV resorts in Washington State. They are open year-round and even offer some very attractive seasonal rates should visitors wish to enjoy an extended stay in the Pacific Northwest. It features over 100 sites, many pull-through and spacious to accommodate big rigs (up to 70 feet) and pop-outs.

Every site offers a host of amenities including water, 20/30/50 hookups, blazing fast WiFi, cable television and trash removal, all at no extra charge. It is also the closest RV resort to all of the best outdoor activity Spokane has to offer. You are literally minutes from some incredible fishing, mountain climbing and hiking.

yakama nation rv parkYakama Nation RV Park – Toppenish, Washington

Toppenish boasts at least 290 days of sunshine every year, makes this the ideal spot for an incredible outdoor vacation and Yakama Nation RV Park is regarded by many as the ideal place to enjoy it. They offer 125 camp sites with full hookups and free WiFi. Only 30 sites have cable RV TV access, so be sure to specify it if it is a real concern. They also offer tent camping and even have 14 authentic teepees for rent.

There is an abundance of wide-open space and a host of amenities here. Among them are a gorgeous outdoor pool area, hot tub, two saunas, fitness center, hiking and walking trails, basketball court, onsite laundry, spotless bathing and restroom facilities, outdoor picnic pavilions and many other features to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Coupled with the Legends Casino and other local attractions, this is the perfect place to park for a week of both indoor and outdoor play (or more, of course!).

Portland Fairview RV ParkPortland Fairview RV Park – Fairview, Oregon

No trip through Oregon would be complete without at least a stop in Portland, and what would make it even better would be a STAY at a great RV park just outside town. Portland is one of America’s most eclectic and beautiful cities and it also rests in the middle of an incredible natural landscape making it easy to enjoy the call of nature one day and experience the energy of this amazing city the next. Just a warning about Portland, if you’re like me and happened to visit on one of their gorgeous summer days and you get an overwhelming urge to move there, make sure you come back and visit during the rainy season — which happens to be the other 10 months of the year.

Fairview has everything you would expect of an RV resort located so close to a major tourist hub. The grounds are well manicured and landscaped, the sites are comfortable and spacious and every imaginable amenity is available here including swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center, and clubhouse and group event facilities. Even better, they have reduced rates in effect right now so now is the time to call and book a site here!

PomoCampground_002Pomo RV Park and Campground – Mendocino, CA

Set on a charming wooded landscape and regarded by many to be northern California’s nicest RV facility, Pomo RV Park is the perfect blend of comfort and simplicity. You won’t find activities directors organizing Bocce tournaments here but you will find good old-fashioned peace and quiet and a host of camping-related activities both onsite and off. The fishing in this area is so abundant they even provide an area for fish cleaning and preparation. Amenities are very rustic and include coin-operated showers and laundry, a sports field, horseshoe pits, and group meeting facilities. It’s the perfect place to stay for a fun and rugged outdoor vacation.

The Californian RV ResortThe Californian RV Resort – Acton, CA

Located just 30 minutes outside Los Angeles, the Californian is situated amidst a vibrant equestrian community. The amenities here are simple but the atmosphere is the polar opposite of the big city. Still, the property has a particular Southern California look and feel to it and it is the perfect spot to relax after a day of sightseeing or outdoor adventures. All sites have full hookups, wireless Internet and cable TV. There is an outdoor pool and spa as well as both indoor and outdoor cooking facilities. They offer daily, weekly and monthly rates and are conveniently located just off the freeway for easy access to the city.

Taking a tour of the West Coast by RV is nothing short of a great adventure and with places like these to stay along the way, it just gets better with every mile.

What You Should Know About RV “Boondocking”

The Ins and Outs of RV “Boondocking” – What You Need to Know About Rules & Etiquette

RV Boondocking Walmart

We’ve covered some of the best RV parks and destinations around the country in past blog posts, but we haven’t really talked about where RVers stay in between destinations. Some people call this dry camping, others call it overnight parking, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to refer to it as boondocking. Now I’m not talking about setting up camp for long periods of time, I’m talking about staying for a few hours to a couple of days in a relatively safe location with little accommodations. We have criss-crossed the country several times in our motorhome, often dragging a 25’ trailer along with us, going to and from various RV shows and Rallies. Most of the time we have a long way to go, and a short time to get there. We simply don’t have time and luxury to go into a campground and set up for the night, in order to get some much needed sleep. Boondocking becomes a much needed place to sleep and rest up for the next 750 mile day, and also re-stock the kitchen as needed.

Some RV travelers are looking to be more thrifty in their adventures while others may just need to briefly catch some shut-eye. While the reasons for boondocking vary, the logistics of it remain the same, and there are “rules” of boondocking, just as there are “rules” of the road. Here’s what you need to know about good places to stay and how to go about boondocking.


As with many things, I’ve found that being polite and courteous will go a long way. It is also good to note that many boondocking sites require a little discretion. Free overnight parking and dry camping is offered as a courtesy by some businesses, camp sites, and lodges. These venues certainly don’t have to offer free services. You should always ask the manager for permission before settling in for the night. Not only is this polite, but it also makes your intentions known so that the manager and staff are at ease with your presence.

While boondocking, you should consider yourself a guest, and be courteous to your host. Don’t cause a big, obnoxious scene by rolling out your awning, setting up your lawn chairs, and firing up the barbecue in their parking lot – it’s rude. Not only will it reflect poorly on you, it could very well ruin it for other RVers. Show appreciation to a business by offering patronage – if they have a gas station, fill your tank. If you are low on toiletries or groceries, restock in their store. Before heading on down the road to your next destination, be sure to leave your site free of garbage or debris, even cleaning up after other folks…..



Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club have a welcoming corporate policy toward RV travelers, and it seems many RVers have taken advantage of their hospitality. The most popular and well-known overnight parking is offered by Wal-Marts across the nation, but it is important to check with store managers as policy can change from state-to-state and store-to-store. Some locations even offer extra peace of mind with security guards who patrol the parking lot. Many Wal-Mart locations are open 24-hours and have ample parking, making the destination easy to navigate, convenient, and price-savvy.

Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop, and Outdoor World have been known to allow overnight RV parking. Many Cabela’s locations have a dedicated RV area with dump stations and (occasionally) hookups, although more amenities are sometimes offered at a price. Some Cabelas also offer a place to unload, feed and water horses… ( I know, not that many RVers haul their horses along. Buy hey, it happens.)   Some RVers steer clear of these retailers simply because (like kids in a candy store) a free night’s stay ends up costing a lot more in merchandise!

Other Big Box Stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Kmart have accommodated overnight RV parking, but like all other retailers, it would be a good idea to check with store managers beforehand.

Since we traveled the same Interstate routes a lot, we even keep a log of every boondock stop, making notes about ease of access, noise, and other factors which help us find our favorite sleeping spots on future trips.


While not always ideal (and sometimes not even safe), there are many truck stops and rest areas that allow overnight parking. Some Pilot travel centers and all Flying J locations welcome RV travelers and offer RV dumps, bulk propane, dedicated RV fuel lanes and even free overnight parking. These locations are great stopping points on a long journey, if you can sleep through the bustling of trucks and other vehicles coming and going. If you plan on staying at another truck stop, be mindful of the truckers coming and going and be sure to ask permission from the business manager.  Remember, those trucks are there because it is their livelihood. Please give them the right of way, and try to stay out of their way.

As a rule, I recommend avoiding overnight stays in public rest stops. If you are unfamiliar with the area and there isn’t a lot of highway traffic, you can easily become a sitting target. Busy rest areas are sometimes okay, as they tend to be patrolled by police officers. Be mindful of the posted rules and regulations if you feel you must stay in a rest area.


Plenty of information about boondocking, dry camping and overnight parking is available online. RV forums are full of travel enthusiasts willing to share their experiences and advice on the subject, so don’t be afraid to ask around! Here are three great links to more information:

Remember to be courteous and always stay safe in your travels!



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