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Airstream Maintaining Popularity As It Sets Its Sights on Its Ninth Decade in Business

With roots dating back over eighty years, Airstream trailers and motor homes remain as beloved as they are recognizable. The aluminum-covered design that looked so modern and sleek when it was first introduced in the 1930s has aged incredibly gracefully, appealing to present-day customers just as much as it did to those who first beheld it all those decades ago. Today’s consumers find that the brand’s many products offer a terrific combination of appealing styling, handcrafted quality and reliability, and investment-level value retainment. It is little surprise, then, to find Airstream maintaining popularity even as the company approaches its tenth decade of operation.

Airstream trailer

By Trekphiler (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Airstream is probably best-known among the general public for its iconic tow-behind trailers. With curving, shiny, low-maintenance aluminum exteriors, these trailers have impressed onlookers since they were first introduced. Many of today’s customers find their styling comforting and quaint, and equally appreciate the incredible quality to be found underneath those sleek skins.

The company has always focused on delivering products without cutting corners, and this remains so today. Airstream’s Land Yacht model, for example, makes use of architectural principles and construction techniques gleaned from producers of million-plus dollar private seafaring vessels, and thereby offers owners incredible comfort inside. Laid out in ways that maximize the usability of the space within, these trailers can provide long-term accommodations for as many as five people without making the occupants feel cramped or claustrophobic. The amenities within these 28-foot trailers are second to none, too, with all of the modern conveniences that might be hoped for, along with trim and accessories of the highest possible quality.

Prospective buyers looking for something a little smaller find just as much satisfaction in the company’s Sport trailer. Available in sixteen and twenty-one foot variations, this trailer is especially easy to tow, tipping the scales at less than the weight of a small sports car. Despite its compact dimensions, the Sport, too, provides plenty of room to stretch out within, and sleeps two to four guests with great comfort, depending upon size and options. Once again, the trailer is built and appointed with the craftsmanship that Airstream is famous for, so that making a selection from further down on the company’s price list does mean compromising in that way.

The Sport is also popular with many who, like a vast number of Airstream fans over the years, are looking for a trailer that can be set up in a semi-permanent fashion. These trailers make terrific guest houses, offices, or coffee shops, providing distinctive, instantly recognizable styling along with highly-usable, well-constructed interior space of great flexibility. Those looking for more space for such uses often opt for either older, pre-owned Airstream trailers or larger contemporary options such as the thirty-foot Classic model.

While to those in the general public the company’s name might be synonymous with trailers, followers of RV and camping news know that it also produces high-end touring coaches that are increasingly popular, as well. The company’s Interstate coach puts an Airstream-originated living compartment atop a Mercedes-Benz chassis, combining the efforts of two quality-intensive manufacturers in a way that is sure to please those who demand the best. These nimble, easy-driving vehicles provide space enough that even long trips away from home remain comfortable and enjoyable, and they have plenty of power for towing even relatively heavy passenger cars for use while the coach remains set up at camp. Many find that these incredibly low-maintenance and fuel-efficient recreational vehicles suit their needs perfectly, being far easier to drive, park, and maintain than larger RVs.

With so many great options available, and such a successfully consistent focus on quality over the years, it seems likely that Airstream popularity will remain high for many years to come. Its high-quality products remain as beautiful as ever, and there seems to be no slackening of appreciation for its dedication to producing the best trailers possible.

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