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Buc-ee’s Review

Visiting Texas this winter? You and your RV will be happy to pull into any one of the 23 Buc-ee’s locations for a food and fuel stop. Many of the locations for this convenience store and gas station exemplify the saying “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” and as a whole, the stores can claim the cleanest bathrooms around.

Miles before you get to some locations, there are billboards announcing how long it is to the next one. Trust me, it’s worth the wait for a clean bathroom. The bathrooms are not just stalls, but little tiny rooms with real doors. There is also hand sanitizer inside the “stall” to clean your hands before you walk out to the sink area. I like the idea of cleaning before I wash. I have children and am a little loony around public restrooms, but I’d almost let my last born eat off the floor. Okay so maybe that’s more because of tired parenting (and a complete exaggeration), but the bathrooms really are clean.

You don’t even have to take my word for it. The New Braunfels, TX location was awarded First Place in 2012 by Cintas’ America’s Best Restroom Contest for its restrooms. Check out other Hall of Fame winners. If you’re not in Texas, maybe you’ll find another fun place to stop. 2014’s winner is Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia, PA.

Buc-ee’s doesn’t just have clean bathrooms. They have a variety of Buc-ee’s brand snacks; my favorite being Beaver Nuggets, caramelized puffs of corn. Deliciousness in a bag. There’s popcorn, jerky, candy and fudge, too. They offer various pre-packaged, fresh (is that an oxymoron?) items like salads, sandwiches and fresh fruit cups, but you can also purchase items made to your taste buds’ fantasies with a touch-screen ordering system. A variety of fountain drinks and slushed iced as well as bottles of your favorite drink are available. They are not a restaurant though, and do not offer tables for dining. That shouldn’t be a problem, as you can head back to your RV and just eat there.

In addition, it’s a one-stop shop with Texas collectibles and gifts. There are handmade items and other wares like signs, framed pictures and metal decorations. You might buy them with the intention of giving them away, but decide to keep because you like them so much. While an earlier post recommended choosing one item as a souvenir, that might be difficult here. And if you’re a t-shirt lover, you will certainly find your share at Buc-ee’s. There’s not just t-shirts, but other clothing items like hats, sweatpants and one-piece bodysuits for babies. There are also stuffed beavers, the Buc-ee’s famous mascot.

Around these parts of Texas, people plan their trips and rest stops around Buc-ee’s locations. Some people take it to a whole new level, almost like a cult, and won’t go anywhere else. I haven’t been to all of them, but have visited several of the locations and they have me wanting more. They are a unique stop and will give you a chance to stretch your legs, keep your waste out of the RV and pick up a snack, meal or souvenir.

Buc-ee’s is worth the hype.

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