A Brief Winegard RV Satellite Review

An RV today is just not complete without a 12 volt flat screen television. Many people make RV’s their second homes, and it is always nice to relax at home and watch your favorite show or your favorite teams play. Even if you do not use your RV a lot, it is really nice to be able to watch your favorite shows when you are out and about in your RV. In order to be able to watch your favorite television shows and programming when you are on the road, you need either an antenna or a satellite. There are three major categories the best satellite dish for an RV can fall under: portable antennas, automatic roof-mounted domes, and automatic multi-satellite antennas.

Best Brand For RV Antennas and Satellites

According to the majority of consumers, the hands down best brand for RV antennas and satellites is the Winegard Company. They have been in the television reception industry since 1954. They are the leading provider of television reception products, including antennas and satellites, in the RV industry. They have a proven track record of producing and creating high quality products you can count on. Read on for some more Winegard RV Satellite Review.

carryout_g2Portable Antennas

Portable antennas are great because they allow you a high degree of versatility. You can take them anywhere you want whether that be in your RV or to an outside tailgating party. If you purchase a new RV, you can move your portable antenna to your new unit.

Winegard Carryout GM-2000 Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna.  This is a great choice for a portable antenna. You can plug it into any 12V outlet in your RV. It supports programming from multiple satellite providers, including DISH Network, DIRECTV and Bell TV. It has a 50′ power and coax cable, giving you more than enough room to move it around and find your satellite connection. You can even lock it in place permanently using the eyelet on the base.

Winegard Carryout MP1 Manual Portable Satellite TV Antenna #49428: This is one of the least expensive of the Winegard portable antennas on the market today. However, just because it is one of the least expensive does not mean it skimps on quality. The antenna is really compact and does not take up a lot of space. The base doubles as storage when not in use. It has a 25′ coax cable, which gives you more than enough room to set it up wherever you want.

dome roof mountedDomes

Domes are a very popular type of satellite dish for your RV. The best part about a dome is that you can attach it to the outside of your RV or set it up inside. Domes also automatically find the satellite signal for you, so you do not have to move around the dome in order to find a signal. They are great for watching television when the RV is stationary and when it is in motion.

Winegard Road Trip Mini Max Automatic Stationary Satellite TV Antenna #48069: This satellite has a very small footprint and does not take up a lot of space. The dome shape helps ensure that even though it is small, you still get maximum performance from your satellite, even in bad weather. It receives one satellite signal at a time and automatically switches to the strongest signal. It can support up to two receivers. This is great for when you are parked and sitting in one place.

Winegard Road Trip Mini Max Automatic In Motion Satellite TV Antenna #49005: This is practically the same satellite as the one listed above. The only major difference is that this one can pick up a satellite signal when your RV is in motion as well as when it is stationary.

Multi-Satellite TV Antennas

Winegard travler DirectTV HD antennaThe very best Winegard RV Satellite Review is all about the new TRAV’LER antennas. They represent the top of the Winegard satellite line. They are made from reflectors that are also used in satellites for the home market. TRAV’LER antennas are able to automatically open up, rotate and lock onto all satellites that are providing a signal at the same time. The antenna does not have to go back and forth between satellite signals, it can lock onto one at a time. If you have more than one television in your RV, family members can watch different programs at the same time. You can also DVR your shows when you are driving and watch them later.

Winegard TRAV’LER DISH 1000 Multi-Satellite TV Antenna: This satellite is made especially for DISH Network. You can pick up both standard and HD programs with this satellite. You can also purchase other Winegard TRAV’LER satellites for different providers.  The TRAV’LER SK-SWM3 is the latest Winegard offering which provides full functionality with the latest DirecTV receivers including the multi-tuner Genie systems.

Whether you live in your RV or just take it out occasionally, it is nice to be able to enjoy your favorite shows and programming when you are out on the road. The mobile satellite reviews above were designed to help you select the best satellite for your lifestyle. Portable antennas are great if you do not use your RV a lot or want to watch TV outside in other situations, such as tailgates. The domes are very affordable and do not take up a lot of space. If you live in your RV, you may as well get the best and go with a TRAV’LER antenna.



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