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A Brief Winegard RV Satellite Review

An RV today is just not complete without a 12 volt flat screen television. Many people make RV’s their second homes, and it is always nice to relax at home and watch your favorite show or your favorite teams play. Even if you do not use your RV a lot, it is really nice to be able to watch your favorite shows when you are out and about in your RV. In order to be able to watch your favorite television shows and programming when you are on the road, you need either an antenna or a satellite. There are three major categories the best satellite dish for an RV can fall under: portable antennas, automatic roof-mounted domes, and automatic multi-satellite antennas.

Best Brand For RV Antennas and Satellites

According to the majority of consumers, the hands down best brand for RV antennas and satellites is the Winegard Company. They have been in the television reception industry since 1954. They are the leading provider of television reception products, including antennas and satellites, in the RV industry. They have a proven track record of producing and creating high quality products you can count on. Read on for some more Winegard RV Satellite Review.

carryout_g2Portable Antennas

Portable antennas are great because they allow you a high degree of versatility. You can take them anywhere you want whether that be in your RV or to an outside tailgating party. If you purchase a new RV, you can move your portable antenna to your new unit.

Winegard Carryout GM-2000 Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna.  This is a great choice for a portable antenna. You can plug it into any 12V outlet in your RV. It supports programming from multiple satellite providers, including DISH Network, DIRECTV and Bell TV. It has a 50′ power and coax cable, giving you more than enough room to move it around and find your satellite connection. You can even lock it in place permanently using the eyelet on the base.

Winegard Carryout MP1 Manual Portable Satellite TV Antenna #49428: This is one of the least expensive of the Winegard portable antennas on the market today. However, just because it is one of the least expensive does not mean it skimps on quality. The antenna is really compact and does not take up a lot of space. The base doubles as storage when not in use. It has a 25′ coax cable, which gives you more than enough room to set it up wherever you want.

dome roof mountedDomes

Domes are a very popular type of satellite dish for your RV. The best part about a dome is that you can attach it to the outside of your RV or set it up inside. Domes also automatically find the satellite signal for you, so you do not have to move around the dome in order to find a signal. They are great for watching television when the RV is stationary and when it is in motion.

Winegard Road Trip Mini Max Automatic Stationary Satellite TV Antenna #48069: This satellite has a very small footprint and does not take up a lot of space. The dome shape helps ensure that even though it is small, you still get maximum performance from your satellite, even in bad weather. It receives one satellite signal at a time and automatically switches to the strongest signal. It can support up to two receivers. This is great for when you are parked and sitting in one place.

Winegard Road Trip Mini Max Automatic In Motion Satellite TV Antenna #49005: This is practically the same satellite as the one listed above. The only major difference is that this one can pick up a satellite signal when your RV is in motion as well as when it is stationary.

Multi-Satellite TV Antennas

Winegard travler DirectTV HD antennaThe very best Winegard RV Satellite Review is all about the new TRAV’LER antennas. They represent the top of the Winegard satellite line. They are made from reflectors that are also used in satellites for the home market. TRAV’LER antennas are able to automatically open up, rotate and lock onto all satellites that are providing a signal at the same time. The antenna does not have to go back and forth between satellite signals, it can lock onto one at a time. If you have more than one television in your RV, family members can watch different programs at the same time. You can also DVR your shows when you are driving and watch them later.

Winegard TRAV’LER DISH 1000 Multi-Satellite TV Antenna: This satellite is made especially for DISH Network. You can pick up both standard and HD programs with this satellite. You can also purchase other Winegard TRAV’LER satellites for different providers.  The TRAV’LER SK-SWM3 is the latest Winegard offering which provides full functionality with the latest DirecTV receivers including the multi-tuner Genie systems.

Whether you live in your RV or just take it out occasionally, it is nice to be able to enjoy your favorite shows and programming when you are out on the road. The mobile satellite reviews above were designed to help you select the best satellite for your lifestyle. Portable antennas are great if you do not use your RV a lot or want to watch TV outside in other situations, such as tailgates. The domes are very affordable and do not take up a lot of space. If you live in your RV, you may as well get the best and go with a TRAV’LER antenna.



Staying Connected in the RV World

tvrv-may-saleFace it folks, like it or not, we’re living in a connected world.  Smart Phones, laptops, tablets, iPods, Smart TVs, e-readers, Kindles, GPS units, cameras, even appliances and thermostats, and the list goes on, are just some of the devices we may find connected to our private networks at home. Now, when we are on the road in our RVs, we still want to take a lot of that technology and connectivity with us. Getting and staying connected while traveling about the country in our RVs presents new challenges for us.

Let’s look at a typical scenario.  We have – his and hers smart phones, a laptop (or two), a Kindle, an iPad, and oh yeah, one of those GPS units on the dash that has WiFi to check for weather, traffic and fuel prices while on the go. So in this example we have at least six devices that we want to have connected to the internet, maybe not all the time, but more often than not.

Most of us will get internet one of three ways when we’re out and about.  Either by 1.Cellular (via smart phone hotspots, MiFi devices, or air cards),  2. WiFi (Public hotspots or private sites (campgrounds, truckstops, McDonalad’s etc.),  or 3. Satellite Internet.

Since the cellular connections these days almost all have data limits, the WiFi provided by campgrounds and other outlets is often a first choice to get that internet connection we all want.  There are however some drawbacks to using these WiFi hotspots. We can’t always park our RVs next to the WiFI antenna. Signals are often weak, and or spotty, and the service quality greatly depends on which campsite you get.  There can also be some security concerns when using a shared  WiFi connection with all your devices, but maybe the biggest pain is that each time you find a new WiFi connection, you have to enter the Password or Key into every device you want to connect to the internet. In our hypothetical situation, there are six or more devices that all have to have something done to in order to connect. Now we have all our devices connected to the internet, but what if you want to move a document or pictures from one device to the other? Your devices are not connected to each other at the local level on your network like they would be at home, so you have to “e-mail” the file to yourself via the World Wide Web.

Now, what can we do to make some of these problems and inconveniences go away? 

The WiFI Ranger “Sky”, and the WiFI Ranger “RVPack2” are two, high end, but still affordable solutions, to help make our RV networking much better and easier.  I’ll start by explaining the basics and then I’ll explain the extra advantages of the RVPack2.


WIFI Ranger Go Indoor Mobile RouterThe WiFi Ranger Sky is a WiFI booster, external antenna, and router, all in one package, specifically designed for use in the mobile RV environment.  Since the Sky is permanently mounted on the roof of your RV, it’s internal antenna is ideally positioned to capture, and boost, WiFI signals from Hotspots as far away as 2500 ft.  The router portion of the Sky, creates a local private network around your RV for all your devices, and connects your private network to the Hotspot, with a protective firewall in between the two networks.  The Sky continuously scans and evaluates the available WiFI signals and automatically connects to the fastest connection, even if it isn’t the strongest signal. (You still must have any security keys as required.) Since your six devices are logged in and connected to your private network, instead of the campground network, the Sky can switch between different Access Points and you won’t even know it.  Example, you’re connected to “Campground1” access point, and this campground has multiple access points available for improved service. Then, Unhappy Camper down at the end of the row, backs into and knocks over the pole which has the “Campground1” antenna on which terminates the “Campground1” signal. Assuming you entered the keys provided by the campground office, the Sky will automatically switch over to the next best signal which we’ll call “Campground2” and ALL your devices continue to access the internet with no interruption, and with no further action on your part.  This convenience continues each time you move to a new location. You enter the access point key or password one time in the WiFi Ranger Sky, and all your devices are again connected.  Pretty cool, right?   If you need to use a MiFi device, or a hotspot provided by your smart phone, you only have to login to it one time with the Sky, and the Sky will automatically connect as needed and share that connection with the rest of your devices.  Next you say this thing must be really complicated and hard to use. Well, no it isn’t. The engineers at WiFi Ranger have designed ease of use right into the product. Most users will have little need to use more than the basics on the Sky user control panel, however, if you are a power user, you do have access to plenty of advanced settings for things like port forwarding, VPNs, MAC filtering and other advanced options. Again, if you don’t know what it is, you don’t need it…. All in all, the WiFi Ranger Sky is a great tool for making our WiFi life easier in our RVs.

Now you ask, what is this RVPack2 that was mentioned earlier do for me? The RVPack2 takes the Sky and adds an internal router and tightly integrates the two devices into one high performance networking package. WiFi devices in simple terms are nothing but radios, and these radios transmit and receive radio signals carrying data.  When the WiFi Ranger Sky is operating alone, it has to share it’s radio between two separate networks. One network is the campground WiFi, and the second network is your local private network, in and around your RV.  The indoor router of the RVPack2 (called the “Go2”) takes over the radio duties to support the local private network and the Sky is now dedicated to servicing the Campground network. This separation of duties for the two radios, will in many cases provide an effectively faster data connection, allowing each radio to be optimized for the situation. The “Go2” also provides 4 wired Ethernet ports for a high speed wired LAN to facilitate file sharing and faster file transfers in your RV. The Go2 also has a USB 2.0 port for attaching Plug-N-Play compatible Air Cards or MiFi devices for seamless connection to your mobile cellular data plans. The Go2 and the Sky are both controlled from one easy to use control panel, and again if you don’t know what it is, just leave it alone. You also don’t have to deal with the complications of configuring the two routers to work with each other, that task is handled automatically, simply by connecting the Sky to the Go. (Yellow cable to yellow port) The WiFi Ranger engineers have done all the complicated stuff for you.

The WiFi Ranger mobile products are high quality and very easy to use.  If you want to make your RV connectivity the best and easiest it can be, the WiFi Ranger Products are TVforMyRV’s recommendation.


What You Need To Know About Installing Solar Panels & Kits On Your RV or Motorhome’s Guide to Buying Solar Charging Kits and Installing Solar Panels or Charging Kits to Your RV or Motorhome

Things can be extremely expensive these days. The economy seems to be heading down and gas prices seem to steadily climb. With things being so expensive it helps to find affordable alternatives. Electricity is expensive, and in an RV sometimes electricity is hard to come by. That’s simply the price you pay when on an adventure to find new beautiful and scenic locations, but the whole point of having your motorhome is to have the comforts of home like your TV, air conditioning, Washer and dryer, etc. Thanks to technology we have a pretty simple way to plug right into nature.

That’s right more and more RVers are harnessing the affordable, free power of the sun. RV Solar Charging Kits are an affordable alternative to high electric bills. They have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly by not pumping harmful pollution into the air and ground. You can also install solar panels yourself onto your RV with little time and difficulty. That being said, if the only RVing you do is at a park with full hook-ups, solar panels probably aren’t for you. If we’re talking dollars and sense, the only way you will make your money back on an RV solar charging system is if you want creature comforts away from where you can easily tap into them.

Solar panels come in different sizes and you can pick the ones you want based on your need. You can get an iPhone case with a solar panel built into it that will charge your phone when in direct sunlight. A slightly larger solar panel kit can be used to charge your laptop wherever you go.

Or you can get an RV solar charging kit that will run your motor home. Stay out in the woods for a week and live comfortably in the wild. It is not hard to set up the system yourself.

Before you pick an RV solar charging kit you will want to figure out just how much electricity you actually use. You will need to make a list of every piece of electrical equipment used in your RV. This includes the Air conditioning, lights, washer & dryer, dishwasher, and even TV. After you have your list figure out which items are battery powered and which us an alternating current. When you’re done with your list right down next to it how long you keep each of these items on. By adding them all together you will have your estimated total Amp hours.

You can look at solar panels simply as a giant battery charger. There are a couple things that make charging your RV battery bank a little trickier with solar panels. First you’re relying on the sun and it’s availability. Second, we have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t use more than 50% of your batteries charge capacity. When we combine these elements with your previously calculated power usage, even when being conservative with your power, I think what you’ll find is that you’re going to need a system that is really able to generate some WATTS.

Now you have the choice of running items directly from a solar photovoltaic system or you can power up a ‘battery bank’ that you can draw electricity through. To run alternating current devices you will have to pick up a direct current converter to hook up to them.

For a perfect performance of RV solar panel power a person will need direct sunlight, for long periods of time, in perfect weather with a temperature around 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25c). The weather generally does not want to cooperate and be perfect all the time but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a good amount of wattage from the solar panels.

The average person is going to use about 90 watts of power. So you’ll want a panel that can run about 125 watts to be on the safe side. A 125 watt panel is ideal for people who like their television.

What everyone really wants to know is what kind of usage they can get with solar panels when boondocking. Here are some general real world tests that will at least provide you with an idea of what to expect:

In “ideal” conditions, if you go do some day activities and have very little power usage throughout the day you can typically take your battery charge from around 55% to 98% using a 130 Watt system. When I say ideal, I mean mid 70’s all day and panels in direct sunlight.

With general and recreational power usage such as running laptop, random electronics like the fridge, and watching the TV, internet shopping. etc. totaling approximately 110 amp hours will probably push you over the days charge.

When installing your RV solar charging kit try to make sure the panels are always perpendicular to the sun. For the Do-it-yourselfers, you can watch a video tutorial below to see just how easy it is to install a solar charging system onto your RV.

Samlex 120Watt Complete RV Solar Expansion Kit The Now let us move onto the best solar panels for your RV. The best on the market by far is the Samlex Solar 130Watt Complete RV Solar charging kit. It costs about $900 – $1200 dollars but comes with everything you need to get your RV or mobile home charged by the sun. The kit comes with everything you need for easy installation (other then the drill). It has reinforced solar glass that harnesses the power of the sun while taking a beating from the elements. With an aluminum frame it will stand strong against high winds and piles of snow.

The Samlex Solar 130Watt solar charging kit has the capability of charging 30 Amp, and has eight different charge settings for different batteries. There is a dual voltage capability that can be hard to find in other models. It comes with a stunning digital LCD display to show the voltage. This is your everything kit and it can be easily expanded.

If you need a smaller wattage size it also comes in 50 watts, 85 watts, and 120 watts. The Samlex also comes with a 5 year warranty and a 25 year power warranty.

The next RV solar charging kit is the Go Power! 95 Watt solar kit. This one comes with a 25-year panel warranty. It costs around $500 – $600 dollars and can charge 5.45 amps of battery per hour. This kit will charge even in overcast weather.

This is one of the smallest panels on the market that can still pull a ton of power from the sun. It comes with a 25 amp charge controller so if you want to ad more panels you can without changing the regulator. It is easy to install. You can’t really go wrong with Go Power!

The last one is Solar Trickle Charger like The SunCharger SC-10. This10-Watt portable solar panel is designed for trickle charging of 12 V rechargeable Lead Acid batteries like those used in cars, boats, RV’s, motorcycles, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and Powered Water Crafts (PWC).


Features Included in the SC-05:

– Perfect for maintaining the battery in your car, boat, RV or motor bike while it’s in storage
– Plug into any connected 12V lighter socket to begin trickle charging your battery
– Maintenance free and good for the environment- Extends the life of your batteries,
save on replacement costs
– Ultra slim, compact and weather-proof, won’t rust!
– Rugged, durable construction – no metal or glass
– Comes with 10 ft of weather resistant cable and a standard cigar lighter plug
– Integrated blocking diodes to prevent discharge from the battery
– 10 Watt maximum output

This solar charger has a sturdy frame and performs well on cloudy days. For the price, since the others are so high, these work pretty well. You might need more then one though if you are just trying to charge a small travel trailer they won’t steer you wrong.

Your best bet is the Samlax system, it is guaranteed to last longer then the other two even if you have to put in a little extra money for it.

Some Simple Tips to Remember to Make Solar Charging Your RV more Efficient

When powering your RV off grid, you are either relying on a generator or solar power to keep your batteries charged. Most people are seeking solar panels to power their motor homes as a more cost effective power source. If that is the case then considering some energy efficient basics will really help improve performance.

When it comes to energy efficiency, newer is better.

• Use LED lights for your RV

Upgrading your RV lighting is a much greater benefit than you may think. Did you know that you can run approximately 25 LED light per 1 50 watt bulb in your RV?

• Newer flat screen TVs are much more energy efficient

• Do the math. Figure out your daily usage and begin practicing energy
management techniques to conserve power.

• Seams obvious, but turn stuff off.

• Unplug electronic devices you’re not using.

Expanding Your RV Solar Panels

Many people find that they need more coverage. Effectively powering your RV with Solar Panels takes realestate. Many RVers find that the system they start with isn’t performing “up to parr”. If this is the case, you can always use a solar expansion kit to expand the system you have. For instance if you already have a Samlex RV Solar Charging system, you can increase your RV charging capacity by adding additional solar panels to your previous installation.

The Samlex SRV-130 RV Solar Expansion Kit comes with a premium quality, 130 Watt solar panel, weatherproof cables and connectors, and mounting hardware with the nuts and bolts required to flat mount the solar panel on the roof of the RV or any other flat surface.

Solar panel dimensions : 57.91″ X 26.22″ X 1.38″

Max Current – 8 Amps

Max Open Circuit Voltage – 21.5Volts

These kits are great for staying green. There is money that has to be put up first but in the long run will definitely help your wallet feel better.

Just remember if you want to install solar panels to your RV you should see what the total power you use is, try to calculate your costs and the system size you will need (there are websites that help you do this), and then estimate your energy savings and how much you will get back. Once you have done this you can go hunting for the perfect RV solar charging kit for you and your lifestyle needs.

Choosing the Right Mounting Bracket for the TV in Your RV

What Mount Should You Choose in order to Mount a TV Flush to the wall in your RV or Motorhome?

There are a lot of different TVs and mounting brackets to choose from and with many 5 year and older rvs, updgrading to a more energy efficient flat screen tv this becomes a very common question. Here at TVforMyRV, we carry a wide selection of RV TV mounts and brackets pretty much all from MORryde and Bello, so let’s take a look at some of these solutions.

Here at TVforMyRV, we have two additional wall mounts from MORryde to help mount your tv as flush against the wall as possible.

MORryde TV1-001 Swivel wall mountThe MORryde TV1-001 is a very sturdy mount that provides some swivel function for your larger tvs, but does not include any tilt function. If you want to put the larger tv at 32″ or even larger tv flush against the wall or at least as close as you can get it and have it still be very secure the tv1-002 is the one you want to use for that situation.

The minimum distance between the wall to the back of the tv is about 1 1/4″  for the MORryrde tv1-002 fixed bracket.

The TV 1-001 has a distance of approximately 4 1/4″ from the wall. Both the TV1-001 and -002 use the same locking mechanism. There are two screws that go in from the outside at the bottom and when you remove those screws the bottom lifts out and the bottom lifts off leaving them wall portion attached to the wall and tv portion attached to the tv.

MORryde TV5-004 RV TV wall MountAnother type of bracket that’s common especially for smaller tvs is just a small tight to the wall fixed bracket that doesn’t really go anywhere. We have several choices for you to choose from, if you’re looking for something small and compact just to hold the tv in one spot, The MORryde TV 5-004 is perfect for that and the MORryde TV 5-004 is only 3/4″ thick from the wall to the back of your tv. It will allow up to a one hundred by one hundred millimeter tv,  typically up to 19″ or 22″ and it comes with two wall plates so that you can have it use the same bracket for the tv in two different locations.

Another model available from MORryde is the 5-002 and this also uses the same wedge mounting plate you can mount this a little higher on the wall and tilt the TV down a little bit for better viewing or even swivel the tv a little bit if it needs to be swiveled.  It comes with two mounting plates to use it in several locations. The MORryde 5-002 is approximately 2 3/4″ from the wall to the back of your TV.

Bello 742 Tilting TV wall mountAnother heavy-duty alternative is the Bello 7420, now this does not have any swivel function but it does have tilt function and is a very sturdy bracket once again with a removable slide plate. The Bello 7420 is gonna be approximately 2.5″ form the wall to the back of your TV.

Another benefit to the Bello 7420 is that it does come with the adapter wing plates to go up to a two hundred by two hundred millimeter mounting pattern which allows you to put up to typically a 32″ TV on this mount and still hold it securely to the wall and provide some tilt function.

We talked earlier about the Bello 7440 and 7465 using a common mounting plate; you need to be aware that the Bello 7420 mounting plate is NOT compatible with the other two Bello Mounts.

The MORryde Easy Reel Spooler — it’s Real Easy!

The MORryde Easy Reel Power Cord Spooler is not only convenient and easy, it’s now easier on the pocket book with tremendous savings at

MorRyde Easy Reel cord spoolerThis month’s featured product at is the MORryde Easy Reel – RV Easy Electrical Cord Storage for only $184.00 a savings of over $45.00

The RV lifestyle comes with an assortment of cords and hoses to go with your portable kind of living. After a while picking up to go can become a real pain in the power cord. Finding ways to take the hassle out of the little things that quickly become a pain, make your travel experience much more enjoyable.

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Get Off The Grid With RV Solar Charging Kits

Harness the power of the sun and get some free electricity for your RV with Samlex Solar Charging Kits! Charge and maintain your RV batteries, power your satellite TV, and have extra electricity for all of your RV gadgets. Our Solar Charging Kits come with a solar panel, charge controller, cables, connectors, and mounting hardware. You can also expand your solar charging kit with our solar expansion kits that can bring your sun-harnessing power up to a total of 500 watts.

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Clean Dump Permanent Macerator System

The Clean Dump RV Macerator System

Let’s face it – as much as we love the RV lifestyle, there are still some crappy jobs. You know what I’m talking about – your septic system – more specifically, the process of dumping your holding tanks. While the traditional method of relying on gravity for dumping waste is simple and effective, it is definitely not hassle free. Connecting, disconnecting and storing the typical 3″ slinky hose is cumbersome and sometimes even messy (yuck!). If you’ve ever struggled with a gravity hose setup and are ready to make a change, I suggest installing a macerator system such as the Clean Dump Macerator System.

If you’ve never considered switching, here are some of the benefits and features:

Quick and Easy
Instead of relying on gravity and it’s limitations, a macerator system utilizes a grinder and a pump to break down sewage and discharge waste quickly – even uphill! The macerator system eliminates the need for hose ladders or hose ramps. You can also say goodbye to the bulky 3″ hose, as the macerator system uses a smaller hose that is much easier to handle and store. The system hooks up in seconds and empties tanks in minutes without hassle!

Clean and Sanitary
The Clean Dump Macerator System securely connects to most RV dump receptacles and the discharge hose features a shutoff valve, making disgusting and unsanitary leaks, drips, and spills a nightmare of the past. The sealed hose also prevents unwanted sewer odors from escaping. Due to patented pump technology, the system is self cleaning. By pressurizing the hose, it is able to be cleaned using discharged grey water. When you’re done emptying your tanks, simply close the valve at the discharge end and slide the hose and valve handle back into the storage compartment. It’s that easy.

No need to get down in the dumps with your current RV waste disposal system – install a macerator system like the Clean Dump and rid yourself of the hassle and mess. Made in the USA, the permanent system comes with the Flojet 18550 Macerator pump, 20 ft. discharge hose with drip proof valve, wiring kit, all adapters needed for hookup, dump valve fitting and all the necessary clamps. The hose is UV resistant and comes with a 3 year warranty.

If you would like to install the system yourself, watch the instructional video below as a helpful guide.

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