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One Small Postcard, One Giant Smile

BlogPostcard300x183 In a world where thumb muscles are huge because of texting and email is as accessible as the phone in your pocket, not many people take the time to write actual letters anymore. It’s rare to find a handwritten note among the bills and junk mail in your mailbox. But let’s face it, if you do receive something personal, doesn’t it just brighten your whole day? Give you a smile and maybe a spring in your step? Writing a note doesn’t have to take long and you’ll surely brighten someone else’s day. Traveling in your RV is a perfect time to pick up the lost art of letting writing.
Postcards are an ideal way to start writing. No need to find an envelope and paper, just write on one side and attach the stamp. And while you’re traveling, postcards are relatively easy to find. They are inexpensive and the postage is also less than what is required for a first class letter. Plus, there’s not much space to write. This is perfect, since you might already think you don’t have the time to write a long note; it honestly doesn’t take many sentences to let someone know you’re thinking about them.

What Should I Write?

You may remember being taught how to write an essay: An opening paragraph, three paragraphs with supporting details and then a clincher paragraph that summarizes your main points. A postcard is not the place for an essay, but follow this easy plan for writing your note: A sentence with a greeting or other sentiments of “thoughts of you.” A sentence or two about your current RV adventure and then a sentence or two (potentially questions) about the receiver’s life. Finish with another nice sentiment.
Here’s a sample:
Just dropping you a note to say you’re in my thoughts. We’ve been traveling for 1500 miles and have seen 7 states in 2 weeks. My favorite museum exhibit is shown on the front of this card. I saw pictures on Facebook of your son’s graduation. You must be so proud! Can’t wait to catch up when we get back.
Or another idea:
When I saw this mountain covered in snow, I thought of you. Do you remember sledding when our families went on vacation that one winter so long ago? We had so much fun! I’m sorry to hear of your father’s accident. When we get back, I’d like to come for a visit.
See? Not at all hard or long. There are not a ton of details, but it’s enough to let the addressee know that they were in your thoughts. Sign off using “Fondly” or “Your Friend” or even “Love.”

To Whom Should I Write?

Of course you can write to children, grandchildren, siblings or parents, but also think outside the box. Maybe it’s an elderly neighbor who was recently widowed or a single adult who is an only child and doesn’t have much family or a co-worker’s child that is struggling with illness. Sometimes those who aren’t family are the ones who appreciate the pick-me-up the most.

Making It Easy

When starting a new habit, you want to make it as easy as you can or it will be hard to keep up with it. The best way to do this is to gather the necessary supplies. Purchase postcard stamps before you travel and gather your address book, if you still use one. Put these things in a gallon-sized storage bag or small box or drawer to keep everything together in one place. If you don’t have an address book, search on a site like to find the addresses you’ll need. If you think you’ll write to a person again, save yourself the hassle of looking it back up and create your own address book. When I receive Christmas cards, I cut out the return address label and just tape it into a small notebook. Then I can access those addresses easily. You might want to purchase postcards ahead of time, but my bet is that you’ll want to get some along the way. Just add them to your stash for when you get a minute to write.

Follow Through!

Don’t forget the final step of actually mailing the postcard. I’m sure there are many letters that have gone unsent because a stamp or address has been missing (re-read the above paragraph for how to combat that problem), but there are probably others signed, sealed and yet undelivered. We all know those USPS blue mailboxes have been deemed relics like a telephone booth. If you don’t know where the nearest post office is located, most gift shops or campsite offices will mail your postcard for you.

One Final Note

A previous post on this blog talked about souvenirs and making your memories with a consistent collection of some sort. It’s almost a certainty that you can find someone to whom you can mail a letter, but if you can’t or if you’d prefer to preserve your own memories, mail yourself a postcard. Include something from each of the senses — remember them from Kindergarten? What did you see? Hear? Taste? Touch? Smell? A few sentences will help you relive your precious memories.

Go Ahead. Make Someone Smile. I Dare You.

Get organized with your supplies and compose a few sentences. Share the scenic sights you’re privileged to see and bring some cheer to a family member or friend. While you’re on the road (or at home for that matter), it doesn’t take long to send a note.

Copyright 2015, Kathy Sweger and TVforMyRV

Best RV Parks When Traveling the West Coast

Top West Coast RV Parks

From the rocky shores of Pacific Northwest to the white sands and surf of SoCal, the West Coast truly is the ultimate RV vacation. The views are amazing, the weather is whatever you want it to be and the possible destinations are seemingly endless. Here are five places to stop along the way that will take you all the way down the coast and land you some fun in the sun when the journey’s done.

Alderwood RV resortAlderwood RV Resort – Spokane, Washington

This is one of the most consistently high-rated RV resorts in Washington State. They are open year-round and even offer some very attractive seasonal rates should visitors wish to enjoy an extended stay in the Pacific Northwest. It features over 100 sites, many pull-through and spacious to accommodate big rigs (up to 70 feet) and pop-outs.

Every site offers a host of amenities including water, 20/30/50 hookups, blazing fast WiFi, cable television and trash removal, all at no extra charge. It is also the closest RV resort to all of the best outdoor activity Spokane has to offer. You are literally minutes from some incredible fishing, mountain climbing and hiking.

yakama nation rv parkYakama Nation RV Park – Toppenish, Washington

Toppenish boasts at least 290 days of sunshine every year, makes this the ideal spot for an incredible outdoor vacation and Yakama Nation RV Park is regarded by many as the ideal place to enjoy it. They offer 125 camp sites with full hookups and free WiFi. Only 30 sites have cable RV TV access, so be sure to specify it if it is a real concern. They also offer tent camping and even have 14 authentic teepees for rent.

There is an abundance of wide-open space and a host of amenities here. Among them are a gorgeous outdoor pool area, hot tub, two saunas, fitness center, hiking and walking trails, basketball court, onsite laundry, spotless bathing and restroom facilities, outdoor picnic pavilions and many other features to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Coupled with the Legends Casino and other local attractions, this is the perfect place to park for a week of both indoor and outdoor play (or more, of course!).

Portland Fairview RV ParkPortland Fairview RV Park – Fairview, Oregon

No trip through Oregon would be complete without at least a stop in Portland, and what would make it even better would be a STAY at a great RV park just outside town. Portland is one of America’s most eclectic and beautiful cities and it also rests in the middle of an incredible natural landscape making it easy to enjoy the call of nature one day and experience the energy of this amazing city the next. Just a warning about Portland, if you’re like me and happened to visit on one of their gorgeous summer days and you get an overwhelming urge to move there, make sure you come back and visit during the rainy season — which happens to be the other 10 months of the year.

Fairview has everything you would expect of an RV resort located so close to a major tourist hub. The grounds are well manicured and landscaped, the sites are comfortable and spacious and every imaginable amenity is available here including swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center, and clubhouse and group event facilities. Even better, they have reduced rates in effect right now so now is the time to call and book a site here!

PomoCampground_002Pomo RV Park and Campground – Mendocino, CA

Set on a charming wooded landscape and regarded by many to be northern California’s nicest RV facility, Pomo RV Park is the perfect blend of comfort and simplicity. You won’t find activities directors organizing Bocce tournaments here but you will find good old-fashioned peace and quiet and a host of camping-related activities both onsite and off. The fishing in this area is so abundant they even provide an area for fish cleaning and preparation. Amenities are very rustic and include coin-operated showers and laundry, a sports field, horseshoe pits, and group meeting facilities. It’s the perfect place to stay for a fun and rugged outdoor vacation.

The Californian RV ResortThe Californian RV Resort – Acton, CA

Located just 30 minutes outside Los Angeles, the Californian is situated amidst a vibrant equestrian community. The amenities here are simple but the atmosphere is the polar opposite of the big city. Still, the property has a particular Southern California look and feel to it and it is the perfect spot to relax after a day of sightseeing or outdoor adventures. All sites have full hookups, wireless Internet and cable TV. There is an outdoor pool and spa as well as both indoor and outdoor cooking facilities. They offer daily, weekly and monthly rates and are conveniently located just off the freeway for easy access to the city.

Taking a tour of the West Coast by RV is nothing short of a great adventure and with places like these to stay along the way, it just gets better with every mile.

Traveling Through The Southwest – Check Out These Top Rated RV Parks

If your RV travels have you visiting our lovely Southwest, these top RV Parks may be worth a stop.

The Southwestern United States makes for some great road trips, especially traveling by RV! The year-round moderate climate is always conducive to camping along with a host of other outdoor activities, and when looking for places to stay there are plenty of options for getting back to nature, cooling off or discovering the meaning of, “…but it’s a dry heat!” Here are a few ideas for parks in the Southwest that rank consistently high with visitors from across the country.

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Top RV Parks in the Southern U.S.

Headin’ South? Here are some great RV Parks to check out while you’re passing through the Southern US:

The south is is a great region for travel by RV. With most states having at least a bit of shoreline, there are no shortages of things to see and do and there are beaches galore to visit from coast to coast. For those who enjoy staying further inland, there are also plenty of places to stay and play. Traveling rom East to West, here are some ideas of places to stay that are sure to make your summer RV excursion truly memorable.

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Top RV Parks in the Midwest

Part 3 in our RV Travel Destination Series: Top RV Parks in the Midwestern United States

The midwest offers a vast number of great destinations and some of the best camping anywhere. There are so many national treasures in this region, both man-made and natural, it can be a tough decision was to where to actually visit. Here are a few recommended places should you decide to take that kind of trip or even just find a quiet spot to park for a week of outdoor fun.

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Top 5 RV Parks in the Eastern United States

RV Destination Series Part 2: Top 5 RV Parks in the Eastern United States

The sprawling east coast of the the United States offers one of the most eclectic arrays of picturesque views, super highways and quaint byways with loads to see and do along the way. No matter where the road takes you and your RV, you are sure to find plenty of things to do and countless places to stay. Here, we offer a few suggestions of places to stay, some “on the way” to bigger destinations but also some that can be destinations themselves, off the beaten path and deep into nature.

Before we get to the list, we value your input too. If you know of some RV camp sites that didn’t make our list, but you feel they should have — comment below!

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Top-Rated RV Parks in the West

RV Destination Series Part 1: Top-Rated RV Parks in the West

For the avid RV enthusiast, there is nothing like the experience of traveling from place to place and enjoying a new view and a new “backyard” on every trip. The many picturesque landscapes of America’s West provide an endless number of memorable vacation options and the right RV park can make these adventures even more memorable so with that in mind, here’s a list of five of our favorites for 2013 and commonly top-rated RV parks in the Western United States. If you feel like an RV park should be listed here, make sure to let us know which park was overlooked, so we can take it into consideration as we continue this series of best destination RV parks. Just Use the comment fields at the end of this post.

Seven Feathers RV Resort – Canyonville, OR

7 feathers rv resortSeven Feathers is widely regarded as one of the best RV resorts in the entire United States. It is an example of a “resort” that lives up to its name. Seven Feathers, also know for it’s gaming, is a nicely developed Indian Casino located about 45minutes north of Grants Pass, Oregon and a little south of Roseburg. It makes for a great stopping point when touring up the West Corridor on I-5 and really showcases Oregons’ forested beauty as well as entertainment.

Every imaginable amenity can be found here. It has some of the most reliable WiFi of any property of its type, an indoor swimming pool and hot tub, as well as an onsite fitness center. They also offer free cable TV, onsite laundry, and courtesy telephones throughout the property.

Seven Feathers features 191 30/50 full hookup sites. They also offer handicap-accessible family-style shower and restroom facilities. For large groups, they even offer a spacious gathering area with available full catering services.

Crown Villa, Resort – Bend, OR

Crown villa RV resort BendBend, Oregon, is also regarded by many RV enthusiasts as one of the best RV destinations in the country with Crown Villa its premier RV park. Over the years the property has gone through many valuable updates and has evolved into a truly upscale RV resort experience. The lots here are spacious and feature uniquely designed pavers at each. The grounds here are landscaped to exacting standards and lend to the park’s overall elegance and charm.

Crown Villa also offers world-class hospitality services provided by a friendly and well-trained staff set against a rustic yet sophisticated forest backdrop of well-manicured lawns and towering pines. The property also features several common areas suitable for small to large groups and gatherings and offers reliable WiFi Internet access at all sites.

The resort offers 106 full hookup sites with many extra-wide and extra-long, a spa and fitness center, multiple guest lounges, tennis courts, cable TV and storage facilities among their many amenities.

Yosemite Pines RV Resort – Groveland, CA

yosemite rv parkThis West Coast gem is located just 30 minutes from the western entrance to Yosemite National Park and offers state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. What makes this property unique is its diverse lodging facilities. Guests wishing to meet in larger groups need not worry about everyone in their party traveling via RV. They also offer lodging from primitive campsites to cabin rentals as well as an expansive RV park facility.

Yosemite Pines offers premium and standard roll-through and pull-in RV sites. They offer an impressive array of onsite amenities including an onsite laundry, general store, swimming pool, children’s play area, petting zoo, spacious meeting room and barbecue and picnic pavilion. Nearby services and attractions include mountain biking and hiking trails, not to mention its close proximity to one of the nations most popular national parks.

Zion River Resort – Virgin, UT

Zion River RV ResortThis site is a perennial favorite among RV enthusiasts. Situated on a backdrop of mountain peaks towering above the Virgin River, the views here are incredible. Guests here agree that the services and facilities are top-notch and are designed with everyone from small nuclear families to large groups in mind. The sites can accommodate any size RV and they stay open year-round to welcome both summer and winter visors.

The resort is located just a few minutes’ drive from the south entrance of Zion National Park with plenty of onsite and nearby offsite activities. Onsite amenities include free 30×70 pull-through sites, 20/30/50 amp hookups, WiFi Internet, a media center, onsite laundry, and shuttle service to Zion National Park (for a nominal fee).

Madison Arm Resort – West Yellowstone, MT

Madison RV resortMadison Arm is also a multi-access facility offering all manner of camping and rustic lodging options along with an expansive RV park. Sites here include 20 and 30 amp hookups, sewer, water and electric as well as some primitive sites if your RV is self-sustaining. They also feature an onsite convenience store that stocks everything from groceries and camping supplies to firewood and propane.

Of the stops on this list, Madison Arm is the most primitive but it also offers one of the most authentic camping experiences set against a stunning natural backdrop. Most onsite activities trend toward fishing and other common camping activities. The park is located just 8 miles outside the West gate of Yellowstone National Park.

With so many great choices, the only problem the RV enthusiast might encounter this year is which one to choose. The good news is that when it comes time to hit the road again, you’re virtually guaranteed to have a great time no matter which of these great parks and resorts makes the cut.

Do you feel like we’ve left out an RV Park that should have made the cut? Let us know, be sure to add your favorite RV parks and destinations using the comments below.


Please note: These recommendations were compiled using customer feedback, visitor reviews from Yelp, Trip Advisor and actual National RV rankings sources such as; Trailer Life, Woodales and other RV Park rating systems. Photo Credits: Photos from official website of each RV Park.

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