House Batteries – Part 2

In my last post, I talked about the importance of having all of the house batteries to be matched in performance and capacity, and that I failed to recognize the importance of that 4 years ago when I added additional batteries to my rig.

Fast forward to the present and I find the need for all new house batteries.

In my research for new batteries, I looked at the traditional flooded lead acid batteries and the higher cost AGM battery offerings. In general the life cycle of an AGM battery is twice that of a complarable flooded or wet cell battery, so, even though the initial cost is higher, the theory is that over the long haul, AGM batteries should be a better value.

Now, to find batteries. In fairness, I wanted to check the cost of both flooded and AGM batteries, and I also wanted to check between several brands before I made my decision. I have heard good things about the Trojan flooded batteries with the T2 technology, and the LifeLine AGM batteries were supposed to be highly recommended for AGM batteries. I began by finding local dealers for those brands and started to make calls to find pricing and availability.

The Trojan dealer could get me the flooded batteries I was looking for, in less than a week at a cost of $209.00 each. The LifeLine battery dealer no longer carried the brand, he said due to constantly fluctuating pricing and low demand. He recommended a Dekka brand AGM battery as a substitute, and gave me a price of $269.00 each, with availability at his store in about a week. This put me back in research mode, since I really didn’t know much about the Dekka brand battery. Google came to the rescue, and I soon had some very good information about the Dekka batteries and a good feeling about them overall. Still, I had not reached a conclusion about what I was going to do. Then I heard about the “Duracell” AGM batteries at Sams Club. Again, I didn’t know who made these batteries or where they came from, so Google again pointed me to a website about Duracell AGM batteries. A link on that page for more information, and presto magico, I am now in the same manufacturer website that the Dekka batteries are produced. So, all of these batteries come off the assembly line, and get either a Dekka label or Duracell label, depending on where they are going. Conclusion, the Sams Club AGM batteries are the same batteries the Dekka dealer has to offer.

Sams Club price for the AGM batteries? $169.00 each! I bought a Sams Club membership and still saved $365.00 over what it would have cost to purchase the equivalent batteries at the other dealer.

If you need new house batteries, you’d be hard pressed to find a better value than the Sams Club Duracell AGM batteries!

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