Keeping RV House Batteries Charged – What I didn’t know.

Having trouble keeping your RV house batteries charged?

Sometimes it’s the little things that catch us off guard and many of us end up learning things the hard way. If you’re RV house batteries aren’t maintaining a good charge during night use, your older batteries might be sucking the life out of your entire battery bank.

When we bought our coach, we thought we were experienced RVers. Some things we did actually know, but there were plenty of lessons in store for us. One of those lessons came in “house batteries”. Our coach had two 6V batteries installed when we bought it and about the time I installed our Inverter/Charger, I knew we would need additional battery capacity. I purchased two additional 6V batteries of the same brand and model locally and installed them.

Life was good! Now, here we are four years later and the battery bank just doesn’t do what it should. Our RV’s solar charging kit uses new solar panels on the roof to charge them up by day, and they discharge rapidly overnight. Turns out that a bank of batteries is somewhat like a chain, in that it is only as strong as the weakest link. Since I added two new batteries to a pair of “old” batteries, I am now in a spot where the whole system is being “dragged down” by the two older bateries which are now more than 8 years old, and don’t respond well to load testing. So after several more years of RV experience, attending seminars and reading forum posts, I now know that I should have installed four new batteries all at the same time.

In my next post, I’ll talk about my replacement battery selection, and the subsequent installation.

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