RV Tips For The Pacific Northwest

Pacific NorthwestWhen traveling the roads in the great Pacific Northwest you will find that nearly every one of the resort parks you visit will have a section that has been exclusively reserved for the many RVs and campers that are crisscrossing our nation’s roads every day. No matter what point in the day or night you’re there, you’ll find that blend of outdoor and indoor lifestyle that recreational vehicles offer mesh well at one of these many campsites. It is the one place where you can welcome the morning sun or say good-bye to it in a unique fashion that is exclusive to only the camping scene. However, there are some things you should be aware of before you hit one of these popular destinations that will make staying at one of these sites even more desirable.

Rules and Policies and Your Money

Always set aside enough of a budget to cover the cost of road travel for your trip and allow for the payment of entrance fees to the many national parks you plan to visit. If you plan to travel to a specific destination on a regular basis you can opt to buy a season pass so that you can come and go as often as you’d like. It’s important, however, to understand that the season pass does not represent a guarantee of entrance into the park but only a reduction in fees. Most of these parks fill up on a first come/first serve basis so be prepared to be turned away during peak seasons of you’re not planning for an early arrival.

It is also possible that you may find a park that won’t have any hook-ups so be prepared and have alternative plans available. An alternate plan may be necessary; some may not even allow waste dumping so, it is very important that you call ahead to find out exactly what facilities may be available before you travel.

Traveling With Large Parties

If you’re planning on traveling in a large group or for an extended stay you need to consider bringing on a few extras to make the trip more comfortable. Most RVs do not have the capacity to sleep more than 10 people at one time (and even that may be stretching it) so if your group is larger than that you’ll need to improvise. Consider bringing along an extra tent for those who may prefer to sleep outside under the stars along with extra sleeping bags so that you’re not all crawling over each other throughout the trip. You also have to consider the safety of traveling the roads in such a large group. Legally, you should not have more people in a vehicle than there are seatbelts so you may have to bring along an extra car to accommodate the overflow.

Plan Your Trip

There is a lot to see when you’re traveling the roads of the Pacific Northwest so you need to have some clear direction before you set out. Your route should not only be well mapped out but you should know how long it should take between destinations, where you plan to refuel, how much you need to spend and the distance between each point of travel you’re going to. There is much to see and do, so make the hard decisions before you set out.

Make sure that your budget will be adequate for your journey. Factor in not just the cost of fuel but also additional expenses as well. As a matter of fact, it may be wise to pad the budget just a little bit so that you are well prepared for any possible setbacks you might experience. Your entire trip could be devastated if you didn’t have an emergency fund at your disposal to cover the cost of flat tires, tows, or other unexpected expenses that may be possible while traveling on the road.

There is much to see when you’re traveling the roads of the Pacific Northwest by RV. Whether you’re a mountain lover that enjoys the crisp clean air that hovers far above the congestion of the city, or the sea or the desert fascinates you, there is something you can find to suit your pleasure on the open road. The things that the Pacific Northwest offers road travelers that other regions can’t compare with are the wide open spaces and the vastness of the region. You can take it all in at your leisure when you’re enjoying the vast diversity that makes up the Pacific Northwest.

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