Save Yourself Money, Energy and Frustration by Upgrading to a 12v RV TV!

12v Flatscreen RV TVMany motor home owners, particularly those who like to dry camp, are frustrated by the amount of power it takes for them to watch their older model televisions when they’re not “plugged in”. The vast number of televisions in recreational vehicles today are pretty energy efficient, but many of us don’t have the luxury of upgrading our RV as frequently as we do our components, so there are plenty of older Motorhomes running tvs that are energy gluttons. Motor home owners must either run their RV to provide a continuous charge, use a noisy and smelly generator and an expensive power inverter, or else constantly manually change and charge batteries. Altogether it can be quite a frustrating endeavor to manage for the person who simply wants to watch the nightly news, the weather, and/or to keep up with a few favorite shows.

Most of the people who use power inverters to watch their older TVs are shocked to see the large amount of energy that this process wastes. Depending upon the type of inverter that is being used, the loss is sometimes as great as a whopping 80%! Instead of dealing with all of the mental contortions that are required to figure out the best way to power an older style television, one solution that is worthy of consideration is to simply upgrade your motor home’s current television to a newer model 12v RV TV. The newer televisions use what appears to be an ever decreasing amount of current, some less than half of that consumed by their predecessors. Many alternating current (AC) televisions use in the neighborhood of 30-35 watts not to mention the current employed to convert the power. By making a RV TV Upgrade to a 12 volt model you’ll ultimately require less energy and will avoid all the fuss and bother associated with trying to use a traditional AC television in your recreational vehicle.

It is now possible to purchase high definition 12 volt televisions in an array of sizes, from everything from 13″ all the way to 32″ that will plug directly into your direct current (DC) power source. Whether the television is a HD LCD with a flat screen or a CRT tube style, you can expect it to draw approximately 5 amps. Most 12 volt TVs come packaged with both a 12 volt power cord and a 110 volt cord. Having dual cords allows the user to employ the 110 volt cord when the motor home is docked at a campground or other location providing 110 volt power, because the 110 volt cord changes the 110 volt alternating current into 12 volt direct current. This permits the the owner to save the motor home’s power for use at such times as when there is no other source of power available.

When undertaking the task of replacing an old TV in RV, most people find the job to be a fairly straightforward one. CRT TVs generally install directly into the motor home’s television cupboard and flat screen LCDs have a base upon which they sit but which is removable if the television is to be mounted on the wall. If yours is one of the 12V upgrades that uses an extension arm, then the television should be properly secured prior to putting the vehicle into motion. For the television to swing about at every turn in the road is definitely not desirable! Don’t forget to check to see if your motor home came with a built in antenna. Many recreational vehicles come with such antennas installed as a matter of course, but if your RV lacks one, they are available as an aftermarket add on. You will likely desire an amplifier to boost the signal, as well, and there are are a several on the market that work in conjunction with12 volt televisions. DO make certain that such a signal booster isn’t already present, as two will conflict with one another and interfere with, as opposed to enhancing, the television’s reception.

Most RV owners find that once they have upgraded their motor home’s television to 12 volt that their enjoyment of their RV is considerably increased. In general their television usage becomes lower maintenance, as they get equal or better service for less money, and best of all, expend less effort to watch television, which is, after all, more in line with how television watching is supposed to be!

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