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RV Tire Pressure & Temp Monitoring Systems

Just as it is with cars, trucks and SUVs, proper tire pressure is also critical to RVs. Built-in tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) aren’t legally required for RVs, so buying a tire pressure monitoring system is a good idea.

Keeping your tires at optimal manufacturer specified inflation levels is important for many reasons. Under-inflated tires effect breaking distance, lateral stability, fuel efficiency, and tire tread. When a tire is severely under-inflated, rolling resistance generates heat buildup. The increased temperatures and road friction can cause the tire to disintegrate, or lead to a dangerous tire blowout.

HawksHead - Pressure Track HD4 Tire Pressure & Temp Monitoring SystemAs RV owners know, the open road has its hazards, but under-inflated tires shouldn’t be one of them. To avoid the hazards of under-inflated tires, purchase a tire pressure and temperature monitoring system.  We have several to choose from, including the HawksHead – Pressure Track HD4 Tire Pressure & Temp Monitoring System. This system is good for up to 22 wheels and features Eco-Sensors and user replaceable batteries.