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Get Off The Grid With RV Solar Charging Kits

Harness the power of the sun and get some free electricity for your RV with Samlex Solar Charging Kits! Charge and maintain your RV batteries, power your satellite TV, and have extra electricity for all of your RV gadgets. Our Solar Charging Kits come with a solar panel, charge controller, cables, connectors, and mounting hardware. You can also expand your solar charging kit with our solar expansion kits that can bring your sun-harnessing power up to a total of 500 watts.

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Keeping RV House Batteries Charged – What I didn’t know.

Having trouble keeping your RV house batteries charged?

Sometimes it’s the little things that catch us off guard and many of us end up learning things the hard way. If you’re RV house batteries aren’t maintaining a good charge during night use, your older batteries might be sucking the life out of your entire battery bank. Continue reading