Tips for Living in an RV Year Round

RV’s are fun for hitting the road in the summer, parking where you want to, and moving on to the next spot once you are bored with your current one. Children and adults alike love to travel in an RV, and many wait all winter long to hop in the RV and ride. If this describes you, have you ever thought about living in your RV permanently? Believe it or not, many people live in their RV’s and enjoy the feeling of being able to pick up and move anytime they feel like it. How is this possible? Read on for some tips on how to live in your RV year round.

When You Own a Home

If you rent your home, all you have to do is tell your landlord you are moving; however, it’s a little harder when you own your home. You have a choice: You can sell the house and live in an RV, or you can keep the house so you will have a home base to come back to anytime you feel the need. You can also rent out your home while you are traveling the world. You will want to hire a professional tenant service to take care of things, though. After all, it would be hard for you to fix the hot water heater in GA when you are in CA.

Should you choose to sell or rent out your home, receiving your mail is an issue. If you have grown children, you can have your mail sent to their address. You can also list it as a permanent address, should the need arise. It is a smart idea to handle bill paying online, so you don’t end up with missed payments and late fees.

If You Need to Work

Some people who are Living in an RV still have to work to fund their trips. There are many options out there on the road from craft fairs to working for a campground. There are also options available online when you are traveling and still need to make a living.

When you Own a Car

It’s easy to sell the car when the house you live in is on wheels; however, that isn’t the best way to go. There are three reasons why you may want to keep your car, or at least store it somewhere that is easily reachable.

  • You must know an RV isn’t the most fuel efficient vehicle in the world. You might want to use your car for getting around town and running little errands that are required.
  • RV’s aren’t exactly easy to park, so for those areas with limited or awkward parking, you will want to take a car.
  • If your RV breaks down, you will need a way to get around while it is being fixed. Remember, you will have to have car insurance and RV insurance. They are not the same thing and come under different policies.

Life on the Road

Living on the road isn’t the same as living in one place. You need to be prepared for life on the road before you decide to start traveling. Issues like where you will stop to do your laundry and whether you have room for your pets are important considerations when you are making the decision to uproot and travel. You need a plan, and once you have one, your travels will be fun and easy.

You also need to consider the Internet situation, especially if you are going to be making your money by writing or doing other online work. Remember, not every campsite will be set up with Wi-Fi, so plan accordingly.

Make sure you park in only legal camping spots. It is illegal just to pull up on the side of the road and park; not to mention, it could be extremely dangerous.

Moving into an RV can be one of the best times of your life. It is very easy to do, and a growing number of people are doing it every day. You just need to be prepared, know what you are getting into, and have a plan for the future, in case you eventually decide you are tired of traveling and want to set down roots once again.

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