Tips for Planning Your California RV Trip

California RV TravelPeople living the RV lifestyle already know the joys of having an RV. Part of that joy is obviously traveling to different parts of the country and seeing it’s beauty first hand. For those new to RV travel, California is one of the most popular travel destinations and one which may become a reality if you know how to plan. Here is what you need to know when it comes to Planning Your California RV Trip.

Learning to Drive Your RV

Before you head out on your first trip, spend as much time as you need to learn your RV and practice your driving skills. Although you will likely get the hang of driving the over-sized vehicle quickly, you should try to do so in different weather conditions as you never know what you will encounter while on the road. Once you feel comfortable behind the wheel in places with little traffic, it’s time to head out on the open road and experience driving the rig in regular traffic. Don’t hesitate to use the power of the RV and be confident when behind the wheel. You can do this and you’ll find you become more comfortable as you do so.

Determine Where You Will Stay

Plan your trip and determine where you wish to stay. Some sites allow you to bring pets while others offer WiFi access. Knowing what amenities you want and need makes it much easier to plot a course and find the appropriate sites. Do you want a site that offers BBQ grills so you don’t have to bring yours along, or are you searching for a site with nude recreation? Although RV owners share many characteristics, they are still individuals and have their own needs. Make sure you take this into consideration when choosing the various sites on your trip, as this helps to ensure you aren’t disappointed when you arrive.

Understand the Various RV Parking Options

Campgrounds rarely offer limited hookups, if any, although most have a dump station. Find out if the campground has an RV length limit, as many do, although spaces are often adequate. Campgrounds offer reasonable prices, especially if one chooses a rural campground, while RV parks are prepared for vehicles of this type and offer a number of amenities, often including swimming pools, a small retail store, and laundromats. Spaces tend to be less private than those offer with campgrounds, however, which needs to be taken into consideration. KOA campgrounds tend to be a combination of a traditional or rural campground and an RV Park. In these campgrounds, you’ll often find full hookups and camp stores and they have camping cabins for those nights where they want a break from RV life, yet still want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Reserve Your Site

California Camp grounds and RV camp sites tend to fill up quickly, thanks to the gorgeous weather to be found across the state. You need to reserve a site in advance so you know where to park your RV in California at each stop. Many sites offer RV park listings, and there is a site dedicated to RV sites located in state and national parks. If you find that something goes wrong with one of your reservations, head to the local Walmart. They do allow dry camping in their parking lots, but you won’t have access to water or power hookups, so this should be a last resort.

Arrive in a Timely Manner

You’ll want to ensure you arrive at your site a minimum of one hour before it gets dark. This ensures you won’t find yourself backing the RV into a dark spot or that you are emptying the sewage tank without adequate lighting. Experienced RV owners will tell you this is something to avoid at all costs.

Interaction is Critical

Be sure to spend time at the various sites with other RV owners. You’ll find you learn a great deal just by talking with others. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn just by sitting and visiting at the various sites. You may even make new friends, ones you’ll encounter on numerous occasions during your travels. You can’t be too friendly with others in the RV community. If you are there for them, they’ll be there for you.

Once you take your first trip, you will be hooked and you’ll be planning your next adventure in no time at all. Never stay in a hotel again. With an RV, you won’t have to, and you actually save on lodging and food costs when you go this route. There are numerous advantages associated with RV ownership. Be sure to explore them all so you get the most from these amazing vehicles.

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