Use DirecTV Genie In Your RV With The Winegard SK-SWM3 RV Satellite Antenna

So, you want HD, DVR and all the other features of your home TV in your RV?

We’ll help you figure out how to use DirecTV Genie in your RV with the Winegard SK-SWM3 RV satellite antenna.

Winegard travler DirectTV HD antennaWatching TV just isn’t what it used to be. With TIVO, Digital Video Recorders, the Hopper from Dish Network, and now the DirecTV Genie system, our satellite TV options have exploded with features and convenience. These systems and devices are becoming more and more a part of our home entertainment and a lot of people want that same experience in their RVs.

One of the questions that has come up lately is “Can I use the DirecTV Genie with the new Winegard SK-SWM3 satellite antenna?”

The short answer is : “Yes!” (but with a few limitations.)

I’m going to walk you through the steps for setting up your DirecTV Genie:

First, we need to know the basic ideas of the SWM  (usually called “swim”) technology that the SK-SWM3 and the Genie are founded on. “SWM” essentially equates to – Single Wire Multi-switch technology. Up until the introduction of the SWM technology, we had to have a separate coax for each tuner in a satellite system. To fully utilize the Slimline-5 antennas, you had to bring 4 coax cables in from the antenna and then add a multi-switch if you wanted or needed to support more than 4 tuners. Now with SWM technology, you only need 1 coax cable coming in from the antenna to support many tuners/receivers. Today, the single coax cable comes from the antenna into a “special” splitter, and then you have 1 coax cable that goes from the splitter to each DirecTV satellite receiver. Note that if you are connecting a multi-tuner DVR in a SWM system you still only use one coax from the splitter to the receiver, and the tuners in that box “share” the coax.  Pretty neat huh?

So, how does the DirecTV Genie system look from a box and cabling point of view?
A Genie system consists of one main HD DVR with multiple internal tuners, and up to 3 “Client” devices connected via a coax from the splitter. Think of this as a “TV network” where the client boxes communicate through the coax to the main Genie receiver, and then display TV content, (live TV or recorded TV) onto the television the client device is attached to.  Record up to 5 programs at once and watch up to 4 different live shows at once. Every location has complete access to every channel and every recorded program.

One of the reasons to use this in an RV, is that you can now have HD television, with access to a high capacity DVR, in the RV bedroom, or outside entertainment center, or anywhere else you might have a TV on your RV, without using costly and difficult to install HDMI or Component cables running from one end of your RV to the other. All you’ll need to do is simply connect your Genie Client device to the coax originally installed in your rig, and make it part of your “TV network”. (Note, if you use any coax in your Genie system, that coax will NOT have access to the “OFF-AIR” TV antenna.)


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