When RV Trips Go Wrong, They Can Go Really Wrong

The stories below have to be some of the worst RV trips I’ve ever read about. We’ve all had our “not so fun trips”, but every once in a while things can just turn on you.

Traveling the country in an RV can be a thrilling experience, but when things go wrong, they can really get out of hand very quickly. There is nothing quite like being stuck in an enclosed area for weeks or even months on end, and when things get tough, they can really test your mettle. I was reading some of my favorite blogs and forums and there were some pretty funny accounts of RV trips gone wrong. Here are a few of those tales of RV trips gone awry.

Raining Liquid Feces

A family went camping in Key West, hoping to enjoy the sights and sounds that this area has to offer. One day, they decided to empty out the tanks. Here is a snippet of Christy’s account, which is well worth the read for her personal flair in telling the story; “The black tank is the holding space for anything that goes down the toilet: y’know, the icky stuff. The gray tank holds all the water used for dishes, showers, etc … but instead of opening the BLACK tank valve to let it all out, he accidentally opened the GRAY tank. Not realizing his error, Foul sewer water pouring off the roof of Mayhem, down the sides, and cascading over the ground. Oh. Ehm. Gee. Is this for real?”

In order to empty out the tanks, it is important that you first open up the valve to the black tank and allow it to filter out before opening up the gray water tank. This will allow the water to rise out the sewer hose, as well as the tank itself.

On this day, instead of opening up the valve to the black tank, they opened up the valve to the gray tank and then allowed it to run while they disposed of their trash. The moment they walked back to the RV, they immediately noticed that sewer water was literally pouring off the RVs roof. The sewage had actually backed up into the air vents of the RV and it had then caused the waterfall to cascade down the sides of the vehicle.

While they were able to clean off most of the excrement from the exterior of the RV, they weren’t actually able to clean out the air vents, so the vehicle ended up smelling like sewage for the duration of the trip.

The “Boxed Plague”

Living in confined quarters means that illness spreads pretty quickly, and there are few places more uncomfortable than an RV when that happens. A family taking a fishing trip experienced this first hand when five adults and two children went camping about six hours from their home. Within two days, both the father and the son weren’t feeling well. The son recuperated in about 24 hours, but this wasn’t the case with the father. In a short space of time, it plagued the entire family. Mocamper over at www.rvforum.net explains;

“So, 7 days in a 31′ camper and 5 of those days 5 people were sick. Our kids left on Friday just to get away from it all once they got better. I had to extend our stay until Saturday just so my wife could travel back home.”

The family actually considered selling the camper once they had returned from the trip, but decided that they had had great times previously, so they didn’t want to lose that entirely.

Short Sewer Line

Another horror story involves a sewer line that was much too short. Explains the contributor of RV Adventuring;

“My sewer hose was stretched to the limit as I had not parked close enough to the hookup. When I pulled open the valve on the black water tank, the other end of the hose jumped out of the drain and spewed the contents all over the lawn.”

According to the contributor, this happened earlier enough in the morning that he had time to clean everything up without anyone seeing it. So, I guess there’s a bright side to an otherwise crappy day.

RVs might be exciting, but when things go wrong, they can really go wrong, but this only adds to the sense of adventure out on the open road.

Do you have any RV Nightmares you’d like to share? Post up below.

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